In terms of the power problem solutions, an important note of safety tips for ups inverter battery systems for home/offices have to be taken to an account so that the system can be carried long way with better performance. Let’s have a look into the following points which were mentioned above.

  1. Ensure UPS is kept in ‘ON’ position 24×7 basis
  2. UPS should be placed in Dust Free and clean environment.
  3. Install proper cooling systems in UPS room or ensure proper cross ventilation for better performance of UPS and batteries.
  4. Ensure no raptiles like mouse, lizard in UPS room.
  5. UPS batteries should be kept in a dry and enclosed place in a rack.
  6. Keep the UPS and battery bank away from sparks, heat source or fire.
  7. Site should have sufficient space for maintenance of UPS and batteries.
  8. Maintenance power plug socket is available nearer to the UPS panel.
  9. UPS room should be protected from unauthorised entry.
  10. All batteries should be inspected for hairline cracks.
  11. If office is at the area where power fluctuations are high, ensure proper Servo stabliser/SPD is installed.
  12. Earthing should be checked in due time intervals.
  13. Get Half yearly preventive maintenance of UPS by giving proper shutdown for smooth functioning of machine.
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  1. Location of the UPS should NOT be changed without the permission of manufacturer/ supplier as due guidance required by trained engineer while shifting UPS.
  2. UPS Should not be turned off without the permission of manufacturer/ Supplier as due guidance required by trained engineer while switching off the UPS.
  3. There should NOT be water seepage near the UPS and batteries.
  4. There should NOT be heat in the UPS and battery
  5. UPS should NOT be kept in dusty environment.
  6. In UPS room, Do not keep any food item, or any kind of garbage.
  7. In case of any issue, Call authorised supplier immediately.